The Live Room has relocated to beautiful Venice, FL. "City On the Gulf."
We are still serving all of South West Florida along the I-75 corridor!
Now accepting bookings for the 2018 / 2019 season.

The Live Room offers an array of services all of which aspire to the highest standards of audio fidelity.
  • Public address systems
  • Live event multi-track recording
  • In studio 32 channel 96kHz recording
  • Post production and mixing
  • Final mastering and format conversion
In the studio we strive to provide a creative, no pressure, recording environment where artists can realize and capture their most inspirational performances.

On stage we offer full PA systems designed to give both the performer and the audience the highest fidelity experience possible. We can also provide live multi-track recording directly to hard drive for post-production and mastering.

Our technical expertise comes together with creative insight to give artists access to a broad range of technologies and techniques that will take any production to the next level. Top quality microphones, boutique preamps, and pristine analog to digital conversion combine to ensure the best sound quality and most accurate recordings. Our passion is to help you realize the apex of your creative vision.

Let's explore the possibilities.
The Live Room
Jennifer Theuer Ruzicka
The Live Room is proud to be working with Alchymie - Jennifer Theuer Ruzicka!
Click here to listen to "Sleigh" from her new album Midnight Clear.

"Jamie & Ginny:

What a joy it was to meet you and record in your beautiful studio yesterday. It was the most relaxed I have ever been in a studio. The physical ambiance of the studio was inviting and your personalities were supportive and reassuring. More important when I drove home last night I felt like I had made new friends that somehow I had known and loved for a long time. If everyone walks out of there with that feeling you are going to be very busy and successful..."

Jesse Allen Falls
Lead Vocals and Keyboards for Bittersweet