Tim Shannon Guitarist/composer
Timothy Shannon

Dr. Timothy Shannon is a classical guitarist who also dabbles in the lighter folk side of his craft with original compositions eliciting magical and inspired soundscapes.

Listen to "Mountain Sketches"

© 2013 Timothy Shannon

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Ross, James and Joe Singer/songwriter/guitarist James Willhite
Drummer/percussionist Ross Friend

James Willhite's sound and songs are on the mellow side of indie rock; with hints of blues, reggae and alternative influences.

Listen to "New Year's Eve"

© 2013 James Willhite

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Chloe Singer/songwriter/keyboardist
Chloe Friedman

Chloe has an amazing voice and writes songs that are pop based with subtle r&b influences and sometimes a touch of jazz.

Listen to "Break Me Down"

© 2013 Chloe Friedman

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The Brothers Van Kirk Songwriters/multi-instrumentalists
Warren and Greg Van Kirk

The Brothers Van Kirk, the driving force behind the band Strange Arrangement, pursue many projects at The Live Room from original songs for the band to commercial sound tracks.

Listen to "Complex Text"

© 2013 The Brothers Van Kirk

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Johnny Fire Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Johnny Fire

Johnny Fire's songs are country infused indie rock; with a dash of rockabilly, and country blues.

Listen to "Broken In Your Wall"

 © 2013 Johnny Fire Music

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Stone Soup Indie rock with a modern down home sound.

Begun as the brainchild of producer songwriter Jamie Wilson, Stone Soup is an eclectic collaboration drawing on their many influences to weave a uniquely American tapestry of sound that crosses the boundaries of many musical genres.
Listen to "I Believe"

 © 2013 Jamie Wilson / Warren Van Kirk

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A North Aurora Alternative rock acoustic and electric
A North Aurora

Combining influences from all genres of music, A North Aurora is a fresh new group on the music scene. Bringing together the influences of the underground music scene of Ithaca, NY, and the alternative rock scene of Orlando, FL.

Listen to "Nothing To Lose"

 © 2013 A North Aurora

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Stardust Plantation Alternative underground rock
Stardust Plantation

Stardust Plantation's songs are dark yet have a mix of influences that keep them fresh and fun with a beat that stops the tunes from taking themselves too seriously.

Listen to "All That I Wanted"

 © 2013 Stardust Plantation

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Jason and Kenny of Bittersweet Light rock trio Bittersweet

Bittersweet with the vocal crooning and keyboards of Jesse Allen Falls the solid groove of drummer Jason Berry and the inspirational saxophone of Ken Limeri.

Listen to "Hi-De-Ho"

© 2013 Bittersweet