The Live Room offers an array of audio, video, and presentation services all of which aspire to the highest standards of quality.
  • Live event production with audio and video reinforcement
  • In studio recording
  • Video editing and special effects
  • Post production and mixing
  • Final mastering and format conversion
Our technical expertise comes together with creative insight to give artists and corporations access to a broad range of technologies and techniques that will take any production to the next level. Top quality microphones, boutique preamps, and pristine analog to digital conversion combine to ensure the best sound quality and the most accurate recordings. Real time video capabilities such as multi screen, multi stream video display and special effects empowers artists and event planners to make their presentation a truely special event. Our passion is to help you realize the apex of your creativity.

Either live or in the studio The Live Room gives you the tools you need to achieve your creative vision.

Let's explore the possibilities.

The Live Room is located in beautiful Venice, FL. "City On the Gulf."

The Live Room

Jennifer Theuer Ruzicka
Alchymie - Jennifer Theuer Ruzicka recording at The Live Room.
Listen to "Exit" from Alchymie's album Exit II produced at The Live Room.

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