The Live Room is proud to have produced these musicians. Enjoy thier samples and explore the artists further!

Tim Shannon Guitarist/composer
Timothy Shannon

Dr. Timothy Shannon is a classical guitarist who also dabbles in the lighter folk side of his craft with original compositions eliciting magical and inspired soundscapes.

Listen to "Mountain Sketches"

© 2019 Timothy Shannon

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Alchymie Pianist/Singer/Songwriter

Alchymie, aka Jennifer Theuer Ruzicka, has been composing and performing professionally for over 25 years. Classically trained with an eclectic background in R&B, funk, fusion, rock, jazz, pop, new age, and experimental music.

Listen to "Sunday Afternoon" from her album 24th Floor.

© 2019 Alchymie

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Spectral Reflections New Age Music
from Spectral Reflections

Spectral Reflections is a project of light and sound focused on creating beautiful music and video intended to relax and center its audience.

Listen to "Arise" from the album Echoes of the Sea

 © 2019 Spectral Reflections

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The Brothers Van Kirk Songwriters/multi-instrumentalists
Warren and Greg Van Kirk

The Brothers Van Kirk, the driving force behind the band Strange Arrangement, pursue many projects at The Live Room from original songs for the band to commercial sound tracks.

Listen to "Complex Text"

© 2019 The Brothers Van Kirk

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Stardust Plantation Alternative underground rock
Stardust Plantation

Stardust Plantation's songs are dark yet have a mix of influences that keep them fresh and fun with a beat that stops the tunes from taking themselves too seriously.

Listen to "All That I Wanted"

 © 2019 Stardust Plantation

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